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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Two weeks to go...

...and counting down! I've been really lucky in the last week in getting some really generous responses to requests for discounts on the last bits and pieces of equipment I've needed. You can see all the companies that have helped me out in the links to the right.

I packed the bike today for the first time (thanks for your company and help Luiza!)to make sure everything fits in the panniers and to so a dry tomorrow to test the weight... from the feel of it it's going to be a big shock to the legs, I'm thinking even carrying Ole Peggy down the stairs fully loaded is going to be a struggle! I'd rather not have to unpack her to do that in case stuff gets nicked if I divide it up. And I still have to get my spare tyre and chain to add to it! Luckily the front two panniers are empty, so I can try to avoid using them, other than for food, which will make slightly less to carry when I'm off the bike. Hmmm... athough they might be useful in spreading the weight a bit, and steering might be better.. we'll see.

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