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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Safely back!

2788 cycled miles on and I made it to the airport...yay! It was such an exciting feeling to think that yes I'd made it the whole of the route and I've got to admit to gushing a bit at the young security guard that I grabbed to photograph me at the departures door to prove the fact! I didn't have long to be self-congratulatory though, seeing as I had to make a box to carry Peggy home in. I'd picked some beer boxes up in the morning from Puerto Morelos so did a bit of a Blue Peter job and had a very wobbly bike box after an hour or so. Jose a friendly member of staff who'd been passing by throughout the hour watching what I was up to sorted out getting a final plastic wrap around my makeshift construction and eventually after one angry German fall-down-on-the-floor-lady surprise later I was checked in for my triple-leg Air Berlin flight. 20 hours later I emerged in London Stanstead where I was met by my lovely mate Hannah, who was thoughtful enough to arrive brandishing a furry jacket against the London chill.
The chilliness of London has been a big bit of a shock to the system I've got to admit, especially after my last beach filled couple of days on Mexican soil at Puerto Morales. After the snorkeling experience of the final day I had food and drinks on the house courtesy of lovely trainee medic David and we chatted well into the night about Mexico's health care difficult to access for somewhere poor) his learnign to autopsy as a young teen, barwork and close encounters with exiting animals around the reef.. between him and his friends from the sounds of it there is quite an impressive underwater gallery involving sharks, turtles and manatees. Got up about 5am the next morning to go and sit down at the beach front and watch the sunrise, a fantastic cocktail of blues because of the clouds.

Sat watching the sun emerge I met night vigilante, or security, Fernando, who recommended Tio's cafe where I had my final central american breakfast of omlette and tortilla and sorted out the boxes for packing Pegy before dashing around picking up little presents for folk back home (have been slightly ribbed for bringing back Mexican 'magnifico' cigars which my bro Daniel tells me sound like dodgy cousins of the slick and sleek Cuban varirty...doh) Lazed around in the sea for a while wondering at the loveliness of easy floating-sky-gazing in salt water until it was finally time to don my dog-chewed-wave-painted-ridiculouslness of a cycle helmet for the final smooth and uneventful 20km ride of the trip.

So after nine long exciting months and innumerable encouters and experiences I am back on UK soil, among family and friends, and incredbly luckily with animation work to go back to as of next Monday..... am already daydreaming of the next adventure !)

big love,
and for any final donations for Macmillan visit

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