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Monday, 19 April 2010

Laguna Verde, Apaneca

I had a very peaceful day yesterday at Laguna Verde, the crater lake on the outskirts of Apaneca. Started the day with a stinking hangover after going out with Elena and her mates drinking til all hours of the morning, but luckily I only had a tiny distance to cycle, although pushing Peggy up the 3km of the steep rocky slope to get to the Laguna Verde Guest house was enough of an effort to mean I´d sweated all the alcohol out by the top! It was completely worth it though, becuase the views up there were stunning. As I set my tent up on the wooden platform mirador next to the dorm building last night there was the most dramatic sunset, and it was a beautiful start to the day this morning to be able to unzip the tent and gaze out across the mountains towards the mist shrouded coast.
Walked through the forest surrounding the lake, and because its a crater again there were very steep slopes to navigate, thsi time often filled with composting vegetation so I was pretty reliant on a big stick to test the path stability as I went... pretty glad I was on my own, would have been slightly embarassed if anyone else had seen my stumbling-navigation-clumbsiness! Saw a wild cator perhaps fox atone point, and could have convinced myself I was exploring the wilderness apert from the rubbish I kept coming across.
Back at the lake shore spent a good few hours drawing which got the attention of Sammuel, one of the police working there alongside a good few army men too, and later a big bunch of local kids. I met another traveller Asa who recommended the hotel I´m now sat writing in in Juay├║a (my 3rd time here, lets see what luck that brings!). It was possibly the shortest ever day to get here, really easy apart from that I fell off my bike on the stony downhill from the hostel this morning... not hurt but irritating graze to my palm.Here in Central America there are only two seasons, summer and winter and right now, slightly early apparently, it´s changing from summer to winter, which means that it is staring to rain a lot in the afternoons. Right now I can hear a lot of thunder outside, there was a hugely loud rumble just now, though I can´t hear any rain yet so will brave a wander to the main square...


  1. beautiful photos
    and a nice drawing too, must have taken a while.

  2. are you ok, Kimmie? it has been a while.....

  3. good good, just been offline painting by the beach the last month... but am in the process of adding new pics right now, don`t a worry yer wee self (: x

  4. sounds lovely, look forward to seeing the pics